AUTHOR'S PRICE FOR SCHOOLS: $15.00 + postage + GST (GST recoverable)

"A story is a chance to borrow a moment of someone's time and in doing so the author owes it to the reader to give him or her a chance to feel the beauty of words and uncover a story worth reading."

THE LARGE ADVENTURES OF THE INCREDIBLE SMALLS is a collection of stories (32 individual books) and in THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF THE INCREDIBLE SMALLS (10 books) four children in the Small Family find both mysteries and adventures.

These children either individually or collectively must depend upon their own resources, intelligence and abilities to uncover unexpected adventures or solve crises in their community. But Andrew, Michael, Meghan and Georgina cannot be ignored either by friends or foes or by adults who may doubt their detective skills. Each has special gifts and with those gifts they help solve mysteries and help others in need.

These stories are filled with useful information where a child will learn history and biology through osmosis and also learn the critical tools that are needed in life such as honesty, hard work, team work, respect and having faith in one's abilities. I have purposely reduced any violence and softened that part of a story where it is necessary to enhance the plot.

With this purchase I have agreed to come and talk to one or more of your classes at NO COST for schools within my home area (see note). Visits can be arranged between those responsible in your school for having authors come to your school. I feel honoured to introduce children to the value of becoming proficient in the English language and learn the love of reading and writing. Some schools choose to pay an honorarium instead of purchasing books ($200.00) and receive the three 45-minute talks.

Several schools have expressed interest in a writing workshop for Grades 6, 7, 8. This costs $100.00 in addition to the purchase of the books. Highs schools are also asking George Laidlaw to come and talk to their writer's craft students about publishing etc.


  • For schools 50 miles beyond Ottawa there is a $50.00 fee for travel and time.
  • For those schools beyond 100 miles there is a charge of $100.00.



"I am an author with a book series called THE LARGE ADVENTURES OF THE INCREDIBLE SMALLS (32 books) and THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF THE INCREDIBLE SMALLS ( 10 BOOKS). While visiting schools I continually hear the news that, due to the cuts to all schools, there is less and less money for books and parents have to raise funds to help their child's school. Here is a way to both promote literacy and enhance a student's self- esteem. Many parents and teachers have complained to me that they are tired of selling chocolates and little items. In a world where we are experiencing youth who are exercising less and gaining too much weight it seems a little odd to still sell food.

My idea and that of my publisher is to promote literacy by selling an attractive box that contains four of the LARGE ADVENTURES OF THE INCREDIBLE SMALLS. The box cover has 16 book jackets (four sets of 4) and their synopses and on the back will be another 16 book jackets (four sets of 4) and synopses.

Inside, along with four books, will be a T-shirt. The front reads "I'M INCREDIBLE!"and on the back will be the 32 book jackets. (There are eight 4-book sets.) So, the school purchases one or more of the eight boxes at $85.00 CDN per box (includes GST), and then sells tickets at $1.00 each on the box. The child who wins the prize receives four wonderful books, an attractive book holder and a unique T-shirt.

If the school sells 200-300 or more tickets it earns $125-225 or more each time they sell a box. Not only are you supporting literacy, but you are also helping a child's esteem and raising funds for the school at no cost.

If you are interested in this approach please contact me by email at".

...George Laidlaw



front back box




T-shirts are designed to promote self-esteem are also available at $15.00 (GST and PST included) separate from the Fundraiser. Please contact the author if you are interested in having the author visit your school or if you are interested in the school fund raising project.